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Everlasting Floral Decor

One of our favorite moments is when we introduce visitors to our Studio to the wonderful world of Wood Flowers. The shock and awe and the spark of creativity that lives in all of us comes to life at the possibilities that can be created when water is no longer required.

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Meet the Owner

When you're planning an event or looking for custom floral installations and decor, you'll be meeting with me! With over a decade in the Hospitality Industry, I have coordinated on a multitude of events and have a Masters degree in Hospitality Management.


My love for florals bloomed from watching event after event transform when the flower arrangements came in. I fell in love with how floral decor could elevate the entire room to make it unique to each celebration. Introducing the everlasting value of wooden floral decor has become my mission.


I love reading and drinking tea when I'm not in the Studio or creating events. I also share a love of art and music with my family and am lead singer in our family band.

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