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~ Owner ~ Event Planner ~ Wood Flower Florist ~

When you're planning an event or looking for custom floral installations and decor, you'll be meeting with Jacki! With over a decade in the Hospitality Industry, she has coordinated on a multitude of events and has a Masters degree in Hospitality Management. Her segway into Florals bloomed through watching event after event transform when the flower arrangements came in. She fell in love with how floral decor could elevate the entire room to make it unique to each celebration held there. She loves reading and drinking tea when she's not in the Studio or out on events. She also shares her loves of art and music with her family and is a lead singer in the family band.

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~ Official Mascot ~ Quality Control Advisor ~

Meet our Mascot, Azuza! She is our wonderful, playful, high-energy cat. Since she has joined our lives she has seen the birth of Studio J Florals, and immediately asserted herself as the final quality control check for each project and custom order! Whenever you see an arrangement, you can be assured it has passed the sniff test, that all of our faux greenery can fool even the most critical feline eye, and that any bite marks you see just signify her official stamp of approval!* Rest assured your inspirations are in good hands.

*Azuza is not permitted in the Studio. Please inform your floral designer if there are any significant allergies we need to be aware of to complete your project safely. Thank you!

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